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Start a Club – Kentucky Lions

Starting A Lions Club

Initiating a new club will be a challenge and will require the efforts of someone in the community who has the drive and spirit to build a good, solid foundation.A new Lions Club will need the guidance and sponsorship of an existing club. Begin by expressing your desire to form a new club by contacting the District Governor in that area.

He or she can discuss the plan with you in detail and help get the process started.You might consider the formation of a Leo Club for individuals under 18. A Leo Club most commonly is formed by high school students or church youth groups and is sponsored by and under the guidance of the associated local Lions Club.

Leos develop their own service projects and also provide assistance to their sponsoring Lions Club.Lions International is a very large, worldwide service organization made up of thousands of individual local clubs on almost every continent.

The birth of a new member-club is a welcome event and strengthens the process of working towards and attaining the goals and objectives of Lionism.

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