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Become a Lion – Kentucky Lions

Become A Lion

By becoming an active member in Lions International at your local level you will be joining hundreds of thousands of compassionate workers throughout the world. Your local Kentucky Club will likely be greatly involved in solving hometown problems associated with providing eyesight assistance to lower income citizens within your city, town or county.

The greatest qualification you need is a willingness to work within a group of like-minded men and women to improve the quality of life for people less fortunate than yourself. Alone you can do a little…but together with your fellow Lions you can accomplish a lot.Lions Clubs are nothing like a “secret society” – in fact we want everyone to know what we do.

Lion membership provides you with a satisfying and fulfilling experience for helping your community, a chance to develop close, lifelong friendships and social fellowship.Lions are extremely proud to be in an organization wherein no person makes any profit from donated money.

We are volunteers in the true sense. Instead you will feel greatly rewarded from within as you will be able to see the results of your efforts first-hand. If you wish to be a member of your local Lions Club, please check this site to find the club in your area.

If they have a website, you can find contact information there. If you know someone – a friend, a relative, a neighbor – who is already a member, ask them to be your sponsor and take you to the next meeting. You can also check here for a comprehensive list of all Kentucky Lions Clubs.

Lions Clubs either have a clubhouse or meet in a local restaurant. You will need to attend a couple of meetings and fill out a very simple application. This will allow the Membership Committee to get to know you and thereupon submit your application to the club’s Board of Directors for approval.

Once approved your sponsor will stand with you at a very informal ceremony. Your next step is to take a seat with the hardest-working group of volunteers in your community!

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